Since its inception in 2001, the AAH Foundation has grown tremendously. We have sponsored  34 research grants/fellowships totaling approximately $425,000. The purpose of those grants is to provide real ‘knowledge’ to assist and inform people like you – who care about quality Architectural Health Care Research and how it does make a difference.

The essence of the AAH Foundation activities has been to sponsor quality HC Architectural research for the design profession to use as they craft together their clients’ facilities. Having accurate/credible information provides the profession the opportunity to create healthcare environments that truly provide healing spaces.

Since 2010, there has been continued growth in expanding the mission and the impact of the AAH Foundation for the HealthCare design profession. The Board is dedicated to promote initiatives that create quality Architectural HealthCare research that provide the opportunity to provide truly healing spaces.

Research Grants                            

Average grant value is $30,000

Legacy Initiative                             

Committed value of $600,000 to increase to $1,000,000 in 2020


4 Fellowships to be awarded in 2020 – total value $33,000

Networking Reception                 

8th Annual Networking Reception at the Summer Leadership Summit

You can read more about the Research, Legacy Initiative and Fellowships on our website: AAHFoundation.org

We hope, as you look ahead into next year, that you will consider continuing your support to the 2018 AAH Foundation via either the SLS 2020 AAHF Networking Reception or the Legacy Initiative. Without your continued support, the AAH Foundation would not be in a position to carry on with our mission of quality Architectural Health Care Research.

This research is shared with the entire profession and HC community – at no cost.

To borrow from JFK – ‘A rising tide lifts all boats…’

Thank you again for your consideration in supporting the AAH Foundation.


Scott H Miller, NCARB, FACHA

AAH Foundation 2019 President